Hi, I'm Heather Hamilton. I started Whiz Bang in 2011. It took me a while to get here...

I started my career in the nineties and fell into recruiting the same way many others did, having never intended to make a career of it. I found the opportunity to help people make a major life decision energizing. Throughout my career, I’ve been drawn to work that focuses on understanding and engaging candidates, and helping them take the next steps in their careers; this teed up my first official work in the employment branding space.

In 2004, while working for Microsoft, I launched a blog focused on humanizing the company as a potential employer and helping prospective candidates decide if working there was a fit for them. Corporate blogging was in its infancy and having an opportunity to pioneer a new approach to engaging candidates was exhilarating. Back then, I would have insisted it wasn’t marketing; I mean, marketing is something companies do, and I was writing from my heart and personal experience. Thankfully, Microsoft's PR department was hands-off. I was asked to just keep doing what I was doing. And so I did for a number of years,  on the side, in addition to my regular day-job.

Back then, nobody was talking about employment branding. People were watching employer reputations unfold online and just starting to learn about the power of the internet to influence job-seekers beyond the confines of the career site. That blog started me down a path to a career in employment branding. Many years, hundreds of blog posts and several roles later, I started Whiz Bang.

I enjoy working with companies who care about candidates and want to create meaningful connections with them – the kind of connections that eventually lead to happy and engaged employees. We – myself and my trusted production partners who are focused on visual identity systems, graphic design, photography and copy writing – work with companies of all sizes, from startups looking to understand and define their employment value proposition and launch their company website, to large corporations wanting to focus additional attention on a timely branding opportunity or to start up a branding team.

On a personal note, I live and work in Seattle, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. My two sweet rescue terriers entertain me. I spend my free time indulging my love of design, giving urban gardening a try (jury is still out on whether I love that) and healthy living.

If you’d like to chat about your company’s employment branding work and/or possibly partnering with Whiz Bang, shoot me an email. If you aren’t quite there yet, you can follow me on social media. Thanks!


If you'd like more information about my work history, you can view my resume here.